Xero two step authentication


Have you turned on two step authentication in your Xero file? Two step authentication provides an extra layer of security to protect your Xero data file from phishing and malware scams. It combines something you know (your email address and password) with something you have (your smartphone).

Two step authentication uses the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone to generate a unique code for input along with your usual email address and password when accessing your Xero file. Based on security best practice, this means that only the Xero user with access to the trusted device will be able to log in to your file, making it difficult for unauthorised people to access your data.

Two step authentication also has trusted device recognition. When setting up two step authentication you will be able to select “remember me for 30 days”. By selecting this setting you won’t need to perform the second authentication step on that device for 30 days.

To learn more about two step authentication and how to set this up on your Xero file watch this short video: